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Can You Sleep with An Electric Blanket Overnight?

Mar. 26, 2022

Electric or heating blankets are making a comeback and they are safer than ever. However, despite all the new safety features, the conventional wisdom about electric blankets is to use them to warm your bed, not to sleep with them. Let's take a look at whether you can sleep with one and what the safety hazards are.

Electric heating blankets

A little history

Humans have been trying to keep beds warm for centuries. In medieval times, stones were heated in a fire and placed under the bed. The Renaissance and Victorian eras used more developed and ornate heated beds: a metal-covered pan on a long handle, filled with coals from the fire, and placed on the bed. There were also beds with small fire pits built into the middle of the bed frame. By the late 1800s, hot water bottles were in use, made of rubber and covered with cloth.

The electric blanket was invented in the early 1900s, around 1912. It was originally designed to be used as a base layer, and is now placed on top. a more comfortable version of the blanket appeared in the 1930s and became available after World War II. Its popularity has waxed and waned throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century, with electric blankets being upgraded as technology has advanced.

Electric heating blankets

Customized Flannel Electric Blanket

Can you sleep with an electric blanket?

The big question is, "Is it safe to sleep under an electric blanket?" Although the fire risk has been reduced, with only 0.04% of home fires caused by electric blankets each year, they can still cause fires. The thin wires that heat blankets need to be handled with care, and they can easily curl. This can lead to overheating, sparks and fires.

If you do have an electric blanket and are enjoying the benefits of climbing into a warm, comfortable bed, here are some tips to ensure safety.

Turn off your blanket overnight

Turn it off when you go to bed or use a timer (some blankets have one built in), but not for long periods of time or overnight.

Use in a regular bed

Since these blankets need to stay flat and wrinkle-free, they are best used on a regular bed. Make it a top layer: Do not place additional blankets or quilts on top of electric blankets or lie or sit on them; they are designed to be a top layer.

Electric heating blankets

Cotton electric blanket for massage table warmer pad

Make it a top layer

Do not place additional blankets or comforters on top of electric blankets or lie or sit on them; they are designed to be a top layer. They can overheat and cause problems underneath.

Use blankets to lay flat

Electric blankets are designed to lay flat. This will keep the heating coils intact. Wrapping it around you and tucking it into the seams may damage the coils.

Keep pets away

Pets can scratch, roll, wiggle and unintentionally damage the blanket or coils. Use a heated blanket to keep pets away from the bed.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions: Your blanket may come with a safety warning and manufacturer's instructions, including how to clean and care for your blanket.

Follow these recommendations to make sure your blanket is safe to use.

Electric heating blankets


Electric blankets are designed to create a warm, comfortable bed, but are not recommended for overnight use. They are safe for short-term use, although unlikely, but they can overheat if used improperly or for extended periods of time. Some experts are concerned about sleeping in an electromagnetic field so close to your body and the potential health risks. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions and don't keep the blanket on all night, you can enjoy a safe and warm night's sleep and get a good night's sleep.

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