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How Can Electric Heating Pads Reduce Body Pain

Apr. 24, 2022

You have strained the muscles and ligaments in your neck. This usually happens during a fall or car accident or during certain sports. Everyday activities, such as working at a computer or sleeping, can also cause neck strains if they force you to hold your neck in an awkward position for long periods of time.

It may take a few weeks or more to heal completely. Good home treatment can help you heal faster and avoid future neck problems. Let's take a look at how an electric heating pad can help you.

electric heating pad

How a heating pad works

A heating pad provides a form of heat therapy. Heating an inflamed joint or muscle can improve circulation because the heat causes blood vessels to dilate. The way a heating pad works depends on its heating mechanism. Heating pads are great for working out muscle aches, back pain, neck pain and menstrual cramps. You can cover the painful area with a heating pad or rest it on your back or behind your neck. Here are some common types of heating pads and how they work.


Electric heating pads use internal coils to generate different levels of heat depending on the user's settings. For those who need a heating pad on the go, a battery-powered product may be more convenient. Many electric heating pads come with an automatic shut-off timer to prevent injury.

electric heating pad


Infrared heating pads also use electricity. However, infrared products convert electrical energy into infrared light, which generates heat. Credible sources of research on older adults have noted that infrared devices can be effective in eliminating or alleviating chronic low back pain.

Chemical pads

Chemical pads rely on a chemical reaction to generate temporary heat. Some chemical heating pads automatically heat up once a person exposes the product to air. These pads are usually supplied in packages and adhere directly to a person's skin or clothing.

Tips for using heating pads

Since heating pads can easily harm your skin, it is important to keep the following points in mind if you use them.

Start with the lowest setting

It is not a good idea to immediately turn the heating pad to the highest setting. If necessary, start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the heat. You will find that the low setting produces just enough heat to relieve minor aches and pains.

electric heating pad

Be careful when pregnant

Pregnancy and back pain go hand in hand. If you do use a heating pad to relieve back pain during pregnancy, limit the amount of time you use it. Prolonged heat exposure can put the fetus at risk and lead to complications such as neural tube defects.

Choosing the right heating pad

There is no shortage of heating pads on the market, so it is important to find the right one for your ideal situation. If you are facing moderate to severe pain, choose an infrared heating pad because it penetrates deeper into the muscles. If your back pain is mild, you can use a standard pad with multiple settings to solve the problem.

Be careful of burns

Be careful not to burn your skin. Lower the heat setting as much as possible and limit the amount of time you use the heating product. If even the lowest setting is too hot, use a barrier such as a towel or blanket.

If you develop heat rash or burns, stop using immediately and check the manufacturer's instructions. If you use the heating pad as instructed and still get injured, contact the manufacturer.

electric heating pad


Inspect your heating pad before first use and then periodically. Do not use if there are holes, frayed wires or tears.

Do not use topical heating or cooling gels before using heat. This means you should avoid products that contain ingredients such as menthol, camphor, capsaicin and lidocaine.

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